Video Interviews - Our Top Tips

Although video interviews and video conferencing has been around for quite a while, it’s never been such an important tool as much as it is right now. Job interviews can be stressful enough, but video interviews somehow have the ability to take your nerves to an entirely new level, especially if you’ve never done one before.

The question is, however, how prepared are you for a video call?

Here at Future Prospects we thought now would be a great time to provide you with our top tips for the perfect video call with a prospective employer, your current employer or if you want to look your ‘technical best’ with colleagues.

Video Interviews - Future Prospects

Now more than ever we are relying on video interviews, however we feel that this will continue to grow and be a popular method of interview for the longer term. As we all know there are never enough hours in the day, and for our Clients, time is often limited. Video interviews should be treated in the same manner as a face to face interview where you can show your best self to your future employer.

Below are our top tips for video interviews:

Tech Set Up

Make sure you check your internet connection, equipment, battery life and audio with a quick test before any interview to ensure a swift connection and no technical problems. There’s nothing worse than not being able to hear your interviewer or be heard.

The same with the equipment you use; quite often you’ll find that video calls can drain your battery quickly. Make sure your device is fully charged. Another thing to check is what you are registered as on the video call software. Check the settings and make sure your name appears rather than ‘iPhone’ or ‘user 12345678.’

Camera Angle

We’ve all seen video calls in recent weeks where you’re either looking up someone’s nostril, they’re too close or too far away from view. If it means stacking a few yellow pages (okay, maybe not those!) or sturdy books on your dining table, you need to be sat comfortably and in the centre of the screen with your head and part of your upper body visible.

What’s in the Background

Be mindful of what could be in view when deciding on a location. Make sure you do not have a window behind you or a bright light over you as this can cause a ‘white out’ and make you look like a ghost. A lot of video conferencing apps give you the option to use a virtual background. If you’d rather do this, keep it plain.

You are most important in this video call, do not be tempted to have Brooklyn Bridge or Big Ben behind you.

No Interruptions

For the duration of your interview, do your best to avoid your children running in the background and taking your attention away or your other half asking if you want a cup of tea. The same for the family pet.

Keep it professional and make sure everyone in your household knows what time your interview is and how important it is.

Dress Code

You might think that a video interview is more casual as you’re sat at home, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This is your time to shine and impress your future employer. Not only does dressing smartly help you get into the right mindset, other than friends and family your pyjamas are not for everyone else to see. Wear a smart suit or the equivalent like you would for a face to face interview.

Your future employer will be analysing what you are wearing and whether you’ve made the effort for this interview. Darker colours tend to show up better on camera too.

Body Language & Eye Contact

Your body language during a video interviews can give a lot away. Just as you would look directly at the interviewer in a face to face interview, focus your attention on them during a video interview as well. Make sure you are looking at the camera and not at you on screen.

Your body language should show confidence, friendliness and professionalism. Sit up straight, don’t cross your arms and remember to smile.


It is absolutely fine to have notes to hand during the interview but only refer to them occasionally if you have to. Do your research and plan your answers in advance with plenty of practice.

We also have a range of useful hints and tips and templates for both Candidates and Employers in our Resource Section of the website. Be sure to check these out and if you would like to speak to us about your search for new employment or if you are looking to hire, then please contact us and a member of our Account Management team will be hand to assist.